Mercury Switch BLY1-5/111


This switch Using mercury switch as a electric contact, It's consisted of high strength aluminum alloy explosion-proof enclosure, With reliable work, Lightweight and durable, etc. Particularly suitable for  general  mechanical  contactor switch which is not up to a bad situation. The  Installation and principle of action for explosion-proof mercury switch is  basically  the same as general  limit switches. It is more convenient for use.


Explosion-proof Limit mercury switch is  suitable  for mine and Oil chemical plant Such as with level of  com  bustible gas, or Dust, moisture and corrosive medium environment, as  uesd  in  exercise  mechanical  limit, protection, signal, position detection control. Such as: The mine shaft hoisting, tank car parking, overwinding  protection; The pusher, the position detection and control of the dumper  Coal  basket door switch signals and belt  conveyor  running  deviation, strip break protection, etc.

Technical Specification

Product model BLY1-5/111 BLY1-5/211
Voltage rating 127VAC/110VDC
Current rating 2A AC/2A DC
Operating force C.W. C.C.W
Operating angle 30°
Contact form 1NC1NO
Protection degree IP67
Contact resistance ≤200mΩ
Medium withstand voltage ≥2500VAC
Insulating resistance ≥100MΩ
Operation frequency ≤600times/hour
Ingoing cable diameter Φ14-19mm
Operating temperature -25 ~ 80℃

 Outshape mounting & working position

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